ZSIM v2.42 is copyrighted

(c) 1990,1998 by

Jürgen G. Weber
Wiesentalstraße 1
D-74523 Schwäbisch Hall
Federal Republic of Germany

email: zsim@jwi.de

ZSIM Homepage: http://www.jwi.de/zsim/zsim.html

ZSIM is free for personal use. It is card-ware: if you like it, I'd be greateful if you'd send me a postcard of the place where you live. Send comments and reports of reproduceable bugs to my email address.

What is it
Getting started
A sample startup

ZSIM is a Program that simulates a CP/M Z80 machine. It DOES NOT simulate CP/M. But in the ZSIM package are included  PD CP/M compatible operating system and a program to format CP/M disks, so you can run CP/M programs.
With the included DOSFTP utility you can exchange data between CP/M and MS-Dos.

Users of older versions: look at the start of cpmbios.asm to see what is new in this version

WARNING: Don't let CP/M work on a MS-Dos disc as it may be destroyed.  Even CP/M discs may be destroyed if they are in a format ZSIM does not recognize.

WARNING: Making MS-Dos write to a CP/M disc probably will destroy it's contents.

Use the software at your own risk. There is no warranty for the program of any kind. The author takes no responsibility for any damage caused by the program, either direct or indirect, to your hardware or software. If you can't accept this restriction, please don't use ZSIM.

ZSIM consists of a Z80 emulator part and a CP/M 80 bios for IBM AT compatible machines. The sources are included.

ZSIM was developed using Borland's TASM/TLINK. ZSIM is almost wholly written in assembler, only the popup windows and the parameter editor are written in Modula-2 (using the shareware FMODULA2 Modula).

In the sources variable and label names are in English, comments are in German. So if you are interested in some intricacies of the bios get a German-English dictionary. Sorry.

You may use the program ZSIM free of charge. This software may only be duplicated and used for personal, non-commercial use. The software may not be sold for profit. An adequate fee may be requested for copying, shipping and handling when redistributing this program. You may modify and improve those parts of the program where the sources are included. But the executable program must show a message that your version has been modified. Please include notes of your changes.

You may freely copy, distribute and use this program.

If you like ZSIM I'd be happy if you'd send me a postcard that shows your part of the world.
Then I can show my friends where my programs are used 8-)


You don't need a CP/M disc at hand to test the Z80 emulator ZSIM. Unzip the files in the archive into a directory on your hard disk. The zip file contains subdirektories, so use the -d switch if you use pkunzip.
You need at least ZSIM.EXE and CPMSYS.CPM but if you copy HARDDISC.CPM too you also have some utilities in the C: drive. HARDDISC.CPM is a sample hard disc that contains Ron Cain's Small C Compiler, the VDE editor and the PPIP and SWEEP file copy programs.

If you want to use Z80DOS instead of SUPERDOS simply copy Z80DOS.SYS to CPMSYS.CPM. Z80DOS supports time stamps as CP/M Plus does.

Format a 360K disc with CPMFRM.EXE. Be sure that FORMAT.COM is in your PATH. The disc is only needed because ZSIM requires a CP/M disc in the drive but it may be empty. But if you use ZSIM /N /A you don't even need this disc.
ZSIM will load a CP/M compatible operating system from CPMSYS.CPM (Superdos together with ZCPR).
The Small-C compiler is in on drive C: user 1

If you want to boot from a real CP/M system disc see in ZSIM.DOC for how to proceed.


jgw 64K cp/m 80 bios ver 2.4 --  22/03/94  (C) 1990,1994 by Jürgen G. Weber


DFLIB   .C       DOSFTP  .C       DOSFTP  .COM     MAKE    .SUB
MS2CPM  .C       PPIP    .COM     SWEEP   .COM     VDE     .COM
C>user 1


Jürgen G. Weber