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ZSIM - The Z80 and CP/M Bios Simulator to run CP/M

download ZSIM 2.42

the ZSIM read.me

Here is a screen shot of a ZSIM session (running in a NT 4.0 dos shell):

screen shot of a ZSIM session

The Z80 engine is also included in Marco Vieth´s CPC emulator.

CP/M at Wikipedia.

Running ZSIM in dosemu

CP/M running on ZSIM running on dosemu running on Ubuntu running on VirtualBox running on Windows 10:
weberjn@ubuntu:~$ sudo apt-get install dosemu weberjn@ubuntu:~$ stty cols 80 rows 25 weberjn@ubuntu:~$ dosemu -t C:\>cd zsim242\ C:\zsim242>zsim /n /a /Vo jgw 64K cp/m 80 bios ver 2.42 -- 30/06/98 (C) 1990,1998 by Jürgen G. Weber BDOS: SUPERDOS AND ZCPR1 A>c: C>user 2 C2>dosftp Enter help for a command list. WARNING: DO NOT ACCESS your physical CP/M drive (MSDOS drive B:) with the dir and exec commands. dosftp> get mbasic.com dosftp> quit Bye. C2>mbasic BASIC-80 Rev. 5.21 [CP/M Version] Copyright 1977-1981 (C) by Microsoft Created: 28-Jul-81 35640 Bytes free Ok print "hello, world" hello, world Ok

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